What Do Your Spots Mean?


I’ve been facing some issues with my skin recently as for some bizarre reason I have had the biggest breakout in a long time. Especially in my ‘triangle of doom’ which is what I call the patch of skin at the top of your nose and in-between your eyebrows. My Dad is even making jokes about wondering where the AA roadmap is. Very funny Dad. So anyway, this got me thinking, why do we get spots, what do they actually mean? I’ve had a little gander around the internet and found out what spots on different parts of your face are supposed to mean. Please take all this with a pinch of salt!


– Spots can occur as a result of greasy hair or having a fringe. I have experienced this first hand for many years and it can be such a nightmare. My best advice would be to tie your hair up off your face as much as possible.

– Can mean you are consuming high amounts of fat like chocolate (bummer I know).

– Spots around your forehead can also mean that you’re sleeping too irregularly.


– Spots on your cheeks can mean you are consuming a tad too much meat, dairy and sugar.

– If you get spots particularly around your jawline then this may have something to do with heavily processed foods which cause problems with congestion in the large intestine.

– Spots on your cheeks can mean you’re a smoker or you’re having trouble in your respiratory system. I remember hearing this one a while back and I can definitely see that smokers are more prone to getting spots on their cheeks.

– Another couple of reasons for getting spots on your cheeks are from number one, always putting your head in your hands as dirt and crap from your hands will end up on your skin and number two, if you’re on the phone a lot as bacteria can transfer from your phone to your cheek. Ewww so grim!


– Generally the only spots people get on their noses are blackheads. Don’t you just hate these little buggers? Blackheads are really just a build up of dirt and old makeup in your skin but if you start messing with them and squeezing, they will turn into a lovely little white head.


– Spots on your chin are mainly down to stress and hormones. When it’s your time of the month you may see a difference in the skin on your chin but unfortunately for us ladies, there’s nothing we can do about it! 

Neck and chest 

– Spots around your neck and chest area are generally a sign that your body is fighting an illness and trying to recovery from something. 

– An imbalance of hormones can also contribute to blemishes. 

– A way to avoid spots around your neck and chest area is to bring your skincare routine down to your neck. I always make sure I cleanse my neck and moisturise it! 


– Touch wood I am so lucky never to have had back spots but I understand how sore and horrible they can be. 

– Spots on your back and shoulders are mainly to do with the friction between your skin and clothing. Swear will also cause spots and aggravate the skin a little but apart from regularly washing and cooling down, there’s not really a lot you can do about it! 

So I hope I just enlightened you to what your spots mean. Now I know that it’s the cheese and beers that I need to cut back on! 

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alittlekiran says:

Great post, I only recently learnt about acne mapping and it is honestly so helpful. The more you know, the better your solutions can be. Most of my breakouts happen on my chin and a random spot can appear on my cheeks. These are primarily sue to hormones and stress. I really need to relax haha. Thanks for sharing x

ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

Darriyan Cateland says:

I always get spots on my chin! No where else! Its so annying!

Darriyan ♡ |

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