Top 5: Winter Skincare Tips

Woaah, seems like the weather’s getting pretty cold now doesn’t it? I don’t know if it’s just me hating the cold or the fact that is it actually getting more chilly! To start of my new random wednesday post I thought today I’d give a few of my winter skincare tips so we can all start getting our winter faces on haha.


We all know it’s so important to hydrate your skin as it is, but in winter for me it’s particularly important. I drink a lot of water as it is but it’s always good to know you’re doing your skin a favour as well as being healthy.


Not everyone’s a fan of using sudocrem to dry your spots out but I really am. It’s reduces the redness and swelling and sometimes completely dries them out overnight. However, the morning or night after using this I always have a moisturising frenzy, just so it doesn’t completely dry my skin out – that really wouldn’t be a good look.

Lip Balm

I’ve always been one of those people with the bright red, cracked lips in winter – it never has been a good look and I doubt it ever will be. So this year I’m gonna try really hard to keep applying lip balm and not to lick my lips (that always triggers it). I’m loving my Baby Lips in ‘Intense Care’, it seems to be doing the job well and if ever I’m in doubt I’ll always resort to Vaseline, even though I do hate it.


I’m a big fan of moisturising regularly but especially in winter, using more oil based moisturisers like the La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Serum and the Olay Classic Moisturising Lotion which is a really cheap alternative. I still use my spring/summer Simple moisturiser until November time because I do moisturise a lot as it is and never want to over-moisturise!

Care for your hair

I know it’s not exactly skincare but I still think this is an important tip for winter. With blow drying and having the heating on, it really dries your hair out and your skin to a certain degree. Now don’t worry, I’m not saying ‘turn your heating off’ haha but maybe just quit blow drying your hair for a bit and surely we can all live without straighteners for a month? I really like using Moroccanoil though to keep my hair looking health.

Do you have any special tips?

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  1. 10/10/2013 / 19:48

    I always make sure to keep moisturiser in my bag for my hands, because mine get really dry in cold weather. But I always use Vaseline on my lips, or babylips, like you. Love this post by the way.
    Eden xxx

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