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We haven’t had a chatty post in a while have we? How is everyone? I can honestly say the weather has completely downed my mood! Normally this is a good time of the year, leading up to my birthday (3rd may) and the weather is always buff but 2013 has to be awkward doesn’t it? I’ve been doing a lot of work recently towards blogging, dancing and my school work as I have exams coming up and have to choreograph dances for the dance clubs I run! I’ve also been trying to cut back on the spending this month as I’ve gotta start saving for all the stuff I wanna do this summer. I did manage to buy a few things though which I’m happy with and I know everything I’ve bought this month I will wear to death!

So these are all the beauty bits which I’ve bought and I’ve already used them so much. The nail varnish (Models Own – Toxic Apple) was a bit of an impulse purchase as I had to quickly find a third and final product for the 3 for 2 deal at Boots before it shut but I think it’ll look brill in the summer with a tan and a clashing neon bikini! Not that I really tan though. I also bought my go-to eyeliner by Collection which I swear by and it’s only a couple of quid. I’ve been watching a lot of Tanya Burr recently and she always says how much she loves the Rimmel Stay Matte powder so I thought it was time that I’d get some and I love it! I also bought the Natural Collection blush in ‘Peach Melba’ which has been recommended by so many people and I’ve joined them, I too recommend the Natural Collection blushes!

It’s really annoying that you can’t see the proper colour of this purse but it’s bright bubblegum pink, not the pale chalky colour which it looks like in the picture. I got a lime green Ted Baker purse for my birthday last year which I loved but sadly it broke and so off me and mum went yesterday to get a new one and this was the only one they had left which was disappointing as obviously my beloved green one had gone out with the old stock. I love the colour of this one but the clasp is rectangular and really annoying which bugs me as the purse is so expensive but oh well!

I’m always running out of tops to wear at school with my suit but I saw this in the River Island sale and it looked good quality, bright for spring and was only like £5-7 or something so I had to pick it up! I’d definitely recommend checking out their sale because despite the tacky stuff they fling on the sale rack, they actually do have some pretty nice stuff there as well!

These dungarees will probably be my most worn item of clothing throughout spring and summer (hopefully if the weather gets better). They’re so versatile as you can tell from my ‘how to style’ post on them, I’ll definitely get £38’s worth of wear out of them. They fit really nicely as well, despite the top/flappy bit looking slightly out of proportion with the baggy bottoms, and if you’re planning on getting these I’d definitely recommend trying them on or buying a size bigger.

I LOVE my phone case and that is all I have to say. I bought this ageeeeees ago but my friend snapped the ears off which was really sad, I think he was just jealous. Okay so this isn’t the most convenient case ever and it doesn’t exactly fit in my pocket but it’s a good ‘showy-off’ case isn’t it? There’s also a female one which is pink and has eyelashes but I thought I’d stick to the original Stitch!

So there’s all my purchases for this month, there’s not much but I know I’m gonna use everything to death!

What are you loving this month? And how are you finding the weather?!

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Katy D says:

ooh your purse is lovely! great iphone case as well, i love lilo and stitch 🙂

it snowed here yesterday. this weather is so annoying, this time last year was a drought!

katy xxx

Lucy Cole says:

I love those dungarees! I'm determined to find some vintage ones for a bit cheaper, but if not I know where I'll be going!Xx

Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion Blog

Andini Ria says:

Cutest iphone case ever! :3 Such a great haul!

Ally J says:

Love the dungarees and the colour of the models own nail polish


Hannah Gibbins says:

i love your purse! so nice! i might get a new purse because i have one of those ones that you put it in your little bag and thats apparently all you can take! its so annoying! i love this though but its annoying that your other one broke and you haven't got exactly what you wanted cus they're expensive!

Heidi Wright says:

I use the same powder and eyeliner, they're so good! 🙂

The British Teen // beauty and fashion blog

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