Topshop Wishlist: February


I forgot to do this post last month purely because I was a tad rushed for time with coursework due dates and stuff like that but have no worries I’m gonna do my February wishlist for Topshop now! (even if it is 19 days late).


1. Petite Jersey Sleeve Jacket £55

Even though SS13 is on it’s way, it’s still England which means it’s still likely to be cold, breezy and maybe raining so I’m sure this jacket will keep me warm?


2. Moto Bleach Denim Dungarees £38

I bought a pair of dungarees last year (so ahead of the trend haha) but they’re a shorter pair which are more for the beach than wearing out so I’m after a good pair which are a bit baggier for this year. If you’ve got any suggestions for good dungaree brands then please leave them in the comments!


3. Hello Black Strappy Jellies

Mum always used to dress me in jelly shoes when I was younger so I’d love to buy these just to relive the days, and these are like a twisted version of the old classics!


4. Petite Bang Crop Tee £18

I’m a big comic lover and so I really like this top, also it’s a neon colour which is perfect for SS13, I’m not sure about the price though.


5. Nails in Parma Violet £5

I know nudes are in for SS13 but I still think this colour would be really pretty as well, a couple coats of this and you’re done!


6. Fluro Pink Skater Skirt £16

This skirt immediately grabbed my attention a few days ago when I was browsing the site and I’m really tempted to buy it. It’s only £16 as well which seems like a cheaper price for Topshop despite still being expensive for other shops. This would look so cute with a little bralet and converse, I can picture it now!


So there are my finds in Topshop for this month, what are you after? And leave some suggestions for dungarees below please!


  1. Janice Lunes
    19/02/2013 / 12:49

    Great post!

    Nice selection dungarees are in this year So we'll be seeing a lot of that probably 🙂
    I still have one like that in black 😀

    Love the bright pieces 🙂


  2. 19/02/2013 / 18:55

    Awesome blog hun! I hope you like mine too! Come by sometime and let's follow each other ;)!


  3. David Ole
    19/02/2013 / 19:45

    Really cool picks! Love your wish list. Your blog is really cool!

    Would be amazing if you could visit my blog too! Maybe we could follow each other as well if you like? Let me know what you think :).

  4. Courtney
    19/02/2013 / 22:24

    Firstly, i absolutely love the name of your blog, think it's so cool and really well thought of! Secondly, that jersey sleeve jacket and fluro pink skater skirt are both gorgeous pieces! x

  5. 20/02/2013 / 01:12

    Mmm, parma violet nails sound delicious, haha! Such a pretty colour 🙂 xx

  6. 20/02/2013 / 08:56

    Cool list dear! Love the camo jacket!

    Following you on Bloglovin, hope you'll follow me back!
    Marella MMAMC

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