An Introduction to Kukee


In the last week or so I’ve seen a few posts on Kukee, an online jewellery shop which sells really cute and affordable jewellery. I had a good old nose around their site for about 45 minutes where I racked up 39 tabs worth of my favourite picks. I slowly but surely managed to cancel them down to just 3 which were my favourite necklaces. Together, they only cost £9 but with an added £2.20 for post and packaging it was still a pretty reasonable £11.20 for them.

Hamsa Palm Necklace £3.50

I think that hamsa hands/palms are a really cool and peaceful symbol so when I saw this I was certain that it’d be in my shopping cart! It’s only about an inch in length so it’s not really chunky which I like and I can’t wait to layer it with other silver necklaces!

Ankh Necklace £3.50
When I’m older, I’m hoping to get an ankh tattoo but for now I’m sticking with the necklace. It’s bigger than the hamsa palm which I prefer as it’s a more simplistic design. It’s great to wear with a busy outfit I think, it tones it down.

Pentagram Necklace £2

This is the smallest necklace I bought, it’s a very dainty silver pentagram on an 18 inch chain which hits just below a hands width from the bottom of your neck – this is how I personally measure necklaces! I really like how it’s antique silver as well, makes it more me.

So I’d definitely recommend checking out their site and buying a few bits and bobs. What are your favourite little online boutiques?


aynur A says:

Love the hamza had necklace

Katy D says:

that ankh is so gorgeous, you're right it's simplicity would make it go so well with any fancy outfit. great post and great shop!

katy xx

Emeli McMillan says:

I bought the hamza hand necklace also! It's lovely!

ELISA says:

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Krista Palmer Preece says:

Really like the hamsa hand one

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