My Highlights of 2012

Since it’s the last day of 2012 (can’t believe it) I figured I’d do a post on my favourite times of 2012 so here they are!


Hmmm it’s hard thinking all the way back to January.. I can’t remember much other than getting 100% in my maths module which I was pretty happy about! And I’m sure every single one of you reading this know where this top is from!



February, February, February oh why can’t I think of a highlight for you.. I’m terribly sorry but you’re an irrelevant month! Apart from I did get a few unexpected valentines day cards.. cheeky!


‘Wear what you like day’ has to be my highlight for March.. It’s the day at school where we get to dress up as whatever we want for charity and you really do find some whacky costumes.. They range from the Jamaican bob sleigh team to the Teletubbies and Wall-E.. This year me and my friend Frankie dressed up as ‘army people’ as we like to call it so we played it safe but you just wait until next year!


So April is a no-brainer for me really, it’s the month that me and my friend James had our £700 16th birthday party.. probably one of the best nights of my life! The theme was tight, bright and LMFAO and I’m pleased to say everyone dressed up… and we all looked like idiots!


I can’t really think on the spot for what happened in May which was a highlight as I have the memory span of a wooden spoon however I know that it was when I enjoyed work the most as you can see from the picture below!


I did my two weeks of work experience in at my primary school in South East Landaaaannn (London) which was the most amazing time ever (surprisingly 2-6 year olds aren’t as annoying as I thought?).. Maybe I should do a separate post on all of that? *Comment whatcha think*


The best part of July for me was finishing my exams, felt so good to be able to chuck all my revision away and never having to think about chemistry, biology or history ever again! Another highlight would be going to Newquay in Cornwall with my friends.. sacrificing parents for alcohol is something I will happily do again (sorry mum).


My highlight of August would probably be getting my GCSE results and finding out that I got back into my school! A few other highlights would be some of the amazing parties I went to and going to V Festival with my friend Pippa!


A no-brainer highlight has to be going to the Paralympics to watch the womens wheelchair basketball finals.. This was incredible for me being a basketball player myself and just generally inspiring!


HARRY POTTER STUDIOS! Now I’m not the biggest Harry Potter fan on the planet because to be quite honest I’m a bit simple minded and I get sooooooo confused but I loved going to the studios.. 100% recommended!


November has probably been one of the biggest highlights of the year as it was at this time where ‘therawrdrobe’ started taking storm and gaining more followers and views. I also joined the Next Bloggers Network where I’ve had the opportunity to be featured on the Next Boxing Day Dash app on smartphones thanks to Gemma!



Having a good year is enough to be a highlight really of December but also having my christmas dinner party with all my closest friends round was brill. Nothing I love more than having my best friends around me whilst being intoxicated!

So overall I’d say 2012 has been a pretty good year for me! What are your highlights? I hope everyones had a fantabbytastic year and let’s all hope for the best for 2013! Feels so weird typing that I can’t quite explain! Happy new year to everyone!


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