Trying Vitamin E Oil

I’ve never used oils before so when I was contacted by the lovely team at Eden’s Semilla, I was interested to dabble in them. I tried out the 100% Naturally sourced Vitamin E Oil with Rosehip and Jojoba Blend and despite not having great expectations, I was pleasantly surprised.

edens semilla vitamin e oil


It took me a while to get into the routine of using an oil in my skincare but after a couple of weeks, I can safely say it’s a step I won’t be missing out in the future! I tend to use the oil on my skin in the evening after a shower as I find it can be a bit too much in the morning, especially when I’m in a rush before work and it doesn’t have the time to sink in properly. Trust me when I say that a small amount goes a long way, it really does. I have no doubts that this bottle could potentially last me halfway through my twenties if it wasn’t for the expiry date! The dropper pipette ensures you don’t use too much and it’s so nice not having to buy one.

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty, what is the oil actually like? It absorbs into the skin pretty quickly but does have a funny smell which I’ve noticed but that’s only a minor issue. I’ve been rubbing it into dry areas of my skin after a shower and I can safely say I’ve noticed a difference.

Vitamin E oil provides moisture and antioxidants to the skin which helps it to heal, hence why it’s so darn good! So far, it hasn’t irritated my skin or caused me to break out which is an absolute God send considering my skin is currently that of a fourteen year old at the moment. This particular oil contains jojoba and rosehip as well which help to combat the signs of aging, repair damaged skin, provide hydration and relief for skin irritation and sunburn. What more could you want?

The beauty of Vitamin E oil is that you can use it wherever you please. I tried it out on my hair and nails as well which made them feel stronger and really nourished the ends of my hair. I probably wouldn’t use it on my nails again purely because I hate that oily feeling but I’ll definitely continue to use it on my hair.

So if you’re looking for beauty on a budget and tired of your dry, dull skin I would recommend taking a look into using Vitamin E oil!


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