In Love With a Bag?

michael kors large selma bag


Well this post is a bit overdue. It seems to have slipped its way into the folder of despair where all the forgotten photos live but I’m finally bringing it to The Rawrdrobe.

For my 19th birthday Toby bought me this amazing Michael Kors Large Selma Satchel in a gorgeous and eye-catching navy colour. It’s served me so well since then and I’ve used it for everything: sleepovers, shopping, date nights, food shops, college, nights out, the list goes on.. It’s big enough to fit an A4 folder in so I generally use it for college so I can chuck all my bits and bobs in it, sling it over my shoulder and head out.

If you’re after a new bag to last you a lifetime which is an absolute beauty then definitely check this one out. You will not be disappointed I promise.


  1. Ema Nistor
    27/01/2016 / 19:13

    Such a lovely bag! I cannot afford a designer bag right now but I love a good, sturdy bag for everyday use!

    • Katy Stephenson
      28/01/2016 / 09:21

      thank you, there's some amazing dupes out there which you should check out! X

  2. Samantha Brooks
    27/01/2016 / 19:50

    Such a gorgeous bag.. I may have to check out the Michael Kors range.


    • Katy Stephenson
      28/01/2016 / 09:22

      it's a beauty isn't it! yes definitely check it out! x

    • Katy Stephenson
      28/01/2016 / 09:22

      it's my favourite colour! x

    • Katy Stephenson
      28/01/2016 / 09:22

      thanks! x

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