The Essential Student Cookbook


One of my biggest worries when flying the nest was how I was going to cook for myself. I didn’t have the foggiest about anything – how to cook spagbol, roast a chicken or even boil an egg. A couple of months on and all I can say is thank god for this cookbook. My mum first discovered it when staying with a friend and thought it would be perfect for a clueless cook like myself.

It’s very detailed and shows pictures of every step in a recipe which is super helpful if you have no idea. The recipes themselves look so scrumptious and make you want to eat everything in the book all at once. My favourite recipes include potato, bacon and spring onion salad, Moroccan cous cous salad and quesadillas but there are absolutely loads of mouth-watering dishes in there!

I think the best feature in this book is that at the bottom of every recipe Tiffany has written about optional extra which you can throw in with the dish, serving suggestions and also what you can do with the leftovers which I think is a brilliant idea. As a student I often find myself wasting what I haven’t eaten at dinner whereas I’ve now learnt that you can keep pretty much anything for another meal. It’s just genius really.

And another bonus.. It’s only £6! It’s a no brainer really, I think you definitely need to invest if you’re anything like me and struggle in the kitchen. I’d say I’m pretty clued up now after having a read through this book and practising some of the recipes.

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