ASOS Saved List #1

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ASOS always has been and always will be my favourite online store. With free shipping and continuous sales there is nothing not to love, and they have the best brands on their site as well. So here are a few items from my ‘saved items’ list, out of the many I have stored away in there! Out of all these things I’ve been lusting after the bag the longest, I’m reaching the point now where I think I might just have to man up and buy this (what I think is overpriced) bag. Still love it though. Really love these rings as well, they’re by a brand called Bloody Mary which make sterling silver rings but they’re £30 each which a bit of a bummer. However, if anyone wishes to buy me one of these rings then feel free 😉 I’m in need of some sturdy boots for the winter, these caught my eye straight away as they’re only £60, compared to the more expensive ALDO ones. I’m gonna have to check out Topshop for boots as well, have you seen any good ones? Now, this t-shirt may be a bit controversial but I do really like it. Just for a casj day, hoody and trackies, now that is what you call a fashion blogger! This kimono is down in the sale at the mo from £40 to just £24, I’m struggling not to buy it. But lets be honest, it’s waaaaay too cold in the UK at the moment to be pulling off a kimono. And that is why I’m really liking this blazer, teamed with a white tank top, black disco pants and some boots, I can see this as a staple jacket for A/W. So whatcha think of this post? Should I continue with a kinda ‘what’s in my saved list slash wishlist’ thing?


  1. Emma B
    11/09/2013 / 18:10

    Love the boots, I'm after some like this as I never have any good boots for the winter x

  2. 11/09/2013 / 19:55

    love the bag! Asos is definitely one of my favourite sites too, i spend wayyyy too much of my time browsing their clothes xx

  3. Sophie Ruffell
    11/09/2013 / 20:13

    I really like that bag and the boots.
    Also the blazer is such a lovely colour.


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