Summer Fashion Essentials

I know, long time no post and I’m so sorry! I’ve been so busy recently and haven’t even had time to schedule a few posts. Tap on the wrist for me! But I did spend an evening at the Company Blogging Forum which was incredible, so much great advice from Susie Bubble and Rhiannon! There are plenty of posts about it all around the blogosphere already, I suggest you check them out, and check out what we received in our little goodie bags! 

Anyways, I’m back today with a little summer essentials post, today it’ll be about my fashion favourites and then next week I may bounce back with a cheeky beauty favourites, if you’re lucky;)

1. Summer Dress

A vital part of my summer essentials, to dress up at night or wear casj in the day with just some gladiator sandals or converse!

2. Baggy Shorts

I’m all for a bitta figure hugging clothes every now and then but in summer I always think it’s nice to chill in some cheap-ish baggy shorts, bargain ones always come from Primarni for like £4 but eBay do some good’uns as well.

3. Converse

I wear converse all year round, at least once a week but I find them particularly great in summer. Any colour, always look better clean in summer with some cute shorts and any top.. And the best thing, they don’t stink your feet out!

4. Sunnies

A good pair of sunnies are so vital for summer, I’m a good quality sunglasses kinda gal so I don’t tend to go for the eBay purchases but I hear they are good! I stay safe with my aviators for now but hopefully this summer I’ll branch out to new shapes and colours!

5. Dungarees

You knew these were coming didn’t you? Predictable I know but this summer I’ll be surprised if anyone can go a whole summer from now on without lusting after a pair of these. Having trouble styling them? Then click here for my styling post!

6. Vest Tops

Every summer for the last few years I have headed to Primark and without a doubt, always picked up a few mens vest tops for £4-6. Such a bargain and can be worn with shorts, skirts, jeans, dungarees, leggings or just to cover up a bikini. So worth the money and if they get ruined? Just buy some more next year!

So there you have it, my fashion essentials for summer!


  1. Sarah Nunn
    02/07/2013 / 15:44

    I haven't jumped on the dungarees bandwagon just yet, but who knows I might do in the future. As for the rest of the stuff, totally agree with everything 🙂

  2. Hannah Elder
    05/07/2013 / 18:53

    Converse are definitely a summer essential! I recently wore my white ones on holiday and ruined them :/
    I'd love a pair of dungarees for summer!

    Hannah x

  3. 09/07/2013 / 06:56

    Love the number 6!

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