Top 3: ASOS Sunnies


I don’t know why but I’m always on the browse for sunnies, any shop I’ll end up in that section despite my newly gifted Rayban aviators, woops. I’ve always loved ASOS sunnies but I find them particularly yummy this year, I hope you all feel the same? Here are 3 of my favourites, it was hard to narrow them down but I would definitely like to buy all three of these (if only they all suited me).

1 / 2 / 3

My favourites have to be the round black ones, even if they do make you slightly resemble someone from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I really like the print on the second ones and they have a really flattering fit. The last pair are just a bitta fun, very summery with the colour and everything.

What are your favourite sunnies? And any other good shops to get them?


Jessica says:

They are all soo nice, I have a slight problem with sunglasses, I want to buy them all! Even if they don't look right on me I just feel the need to own them haha
Jessica xx

Katyy Stephenson says:

i feel exactly the same!

katy x

Sarah Christine says:

I have way more sunglasses than I could possibly wear, but I usually only buy the cheap ones so I don't feel as bad about it!

By the way I nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog (

– Sarah Christine

Katyy Stephenson says:

awhh thanks! katy x

I have the second ones – love them! You can see them on a couple of outfits on my blog 🙂
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Katyy Stephenson says:

i'll check it out!

katy x

Lucy Farrington says:

I really need to buy some new sunglasses for this summertime..these are all gorgeous! Always nice to have some unusual designs 🙂

Katyy Stephenson says:

they become the statement piece in your outfit!

katy x

Tina Z says:

Love those sunglasses, especially number 2- I really need to buy those theyre just beautiful 🙂

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