My Thoughts: NYC High Definition Mascara

I’m sure you have probably noticed by now that this is the mascara which I featured in my NYC Wishlist but I really wouldn’t recommend you to add this to your wishlist..


Things I like about the product:


I’m a sucker for bright packaging and this is bright orange which is perfect to fit into my collection! So far the writing hasn’t rubbed off either which is good.


It’s only £3.99 which is brill as we all love a cheap product but the price reflects in the quality unfortunately.


I don’t tend to worry about whether a mascara brush is plastic or not but in this case I’m very much a fan of the plastic brush, it doesn’t kinda get caught in your eyelashes if that makes any sense?


The mascara really defines your lashes and lengthens and separates them (a lot of ‘ands’ there) which isn’t really the primary function as it is a volumizing mascara but I still like how it’s not very clumpy.


Things I don’t like about the product:


I find the mascara quite dry, too dry for a recently purchased product which is disappointing.


The most annoying this about this mascara is that it’s supposed to be volumizing but I find it only lengthens, not really doing what it’s supposed to.


Overall, I’d give this a 5/10 for a volumizing mascara but probably an 8/10 as a lengthening mascara so I wouldn’t recommend this product unless you’re after a cheap lengthening mascara!


What are your favourite volumizing mascaras at the moment?

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  1. 21/03/2013 / 13:20

    I was so disappointed with products I bought from Miss Sporty 🙁 it's such a massive shame! xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

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