Knock Off: Disco Pants


Now, Christmas is coming up so it’s finally time for a majority of us to finally receive some disco pants! However, I know it’s tempting to have the ‘real thing’ but don’t be fooled into splurging seventy odd quid when there are a few less-bank-breaking options.. I’ve hunted through a load of sites trying to find some good deals on disco pants which aren’t bad quality.. None of them are real of course but you can’t even tell the difference!





1. Topshop £30 (only available in black)

These leggings are really thick and warm but quite big so if you’re ordering make sure they’re a size smaller as they are huuuuuuuuge!


2. eBay £17 (available in black, red, green, blue, grey and gold)

Now as always with eBay, be aware of the quality of the product you’re buying.. my friend has these and they’re not too bad but the shape can change quite a bit if you wash them too much so watch out!


3. Missguided £9.99 (available in black, royal blue, navy blue, burgundy, red, grey, gold, purple, emerald and khaki)

I have these leggings and they are really good quality but can sag a bit around the crotch area which doesn’t look too attractive to be perfectly honest but if you’re wearing a long top over them then they look great! And because they’re only a tenner you can splash out on loads of colours!


4. Missguided £25.99 (available in black, red, navy, emerald, gold and silver)

I am yet to purchase these ones but I really wanna get them as they look well fitting and really minimize your waist.. they don’t break the bank either! I’d love to get these in the emerald colour as well!


  1. ellie
    14/12/2012 / 17:54

    ooh, the last missguided ones are preeetty! I got some off eBay the other day for £15, they're too big round my waist though 🙁 but that is just because my top and bottom halves are different sizes, haha! xx

    • therawrdrobe
      14/12/2012 / 18:12

      i know good old missguided! oh unlucky haha but ebay's just so good for knock offs.. hard for me to say no! xx

  2. Hannah Sullivan
    15/12/2012 / 00:19

    The missguided ones are such good quality! As long as you wash them on a lower temperature they stay in shape :)! xx

    • therawrdrobe
      18/12/2012 / 21:21

      ooh good tip, thank you:)

  3. 18/12/2012 / 12:32

    Your blog has such a good title! Thanks for this post, I really want some Disco Pants but just do not have the money to invest in American Apparel! By the sounds of it the Miss Guided ones are a good bet 🙂 Love your blog x

    • therawrdrobe
      18/12/2012 / 21:22

      awhhh thank you so much! i know they're so expensive but the missguided ones are definitely the best knock off! x

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