My Most Read Blog Posts Of 2018

Sooooo it’s Christmas Eve. How did that happen? Presents are wrapped, vlogmas is over, work is done for the next nine days and I’m truly ready to just relax and eat my weight in cheese.

I feel like 2018 has been a bloody good year for my blog. I’ve written some content I’m really proud of, improved my photography (well, a teeny weeny bit anyway) and had the opportunity to work with some fab brands which is every blogger’s dream!

So I dived into Google Analytics the other day to have a little lookey at what my most read blog posts of the year have been and I’m actually quite shocked! I didn’t realise how many views my blogging based posts had received and it’s motivated me to write more of that kinda content next year because it seems like a lot of you can relate to it!

But before that, here are six of my most read blog posts from the last year, enjoy!

most read blog posts


Getting A Great Night’s Sleep With Leesa

I’ve been extremely fortunate over the years to work with some amazing brands and receive some incredible and generous gifts but this collab has to top it! I really enjoyed working with Leesa, so much so that we collaborated again later in the year and I genuinely couldn’t sleep without one of their mattresses!

Read if: you’re in desperate need of a new mattress and want to know how a new one could transform your sleeping routine.

Handy Tips For New Bloggers

This post has probably been the one where I’ve had the most feedback on from new bloggers who have said it really helped them. Obviously that is the best thing you could hear after writing a post and I’m so happy my blatant honesty paid off!

Read if: you’re new to blogging or just feel a little bit lost and want to give your blog the boost it needs!

Blogging Expectations vs Reality

This post made a lot of people laugh and that was my goal! I completely shattered people’s perceptions of what blogging is like and so many bloggers could relate which is the sign of a good blog post!

Read if: you’re a blogger and fancy a giggle or you have no clue about how the world of blogging really works.

How I Lost A Stone In A Month

One of my mid year goals for myself was to improve my lifestyle by getting my arse to the gym, cutting the alcohol and watching what I was eating. I’m so happy to say that I proved so many people wrong and smashed it, resulting in this post on how I lost a stone.

Read if: you wanna know how I shed a stone, the exercise I did (not masses amounts so for any newbies, it might suit you) and some meal ideas which I incorporated into my diet!

most read blog posts

My Experience With Anxiety

I don’t know what spurred me on to write this post but I’m so glad I did and it felt like a huge relief when I clicked publish. Before this, I’d never discussed my anxiety on social media and vaguely mentioned it on here so it was quite a big thing for me to pluck up the courage and talk about. I think it opened up my friends and family’s eyes who read it and gave them an insight into what a simple trip to the pub could feel like for someone who suffers with general and social anxiety.

Read if: you’re interested in my experience with anxiety and how I’ve dealt with it for the last five years or if you’re my chum and wonder why I’m always chundering at parties.

Throwback Thursday: Blogging Edition

This post has been one of my favourites to put together because it was just so hilarious looking back at all the things we used to do and buy. I might even create a part two as I’ve remembered even more ridiculous things we used to do circa 2012 besides reciting song lyrics for blog post titles and strutting around in creepers.

Read if: you’re an OG blogger and wanna cringe or laugh at what we used to get up to back in the day.

I hope you’ve enjoyed catching up with some of my biggest hits over the last year (I legit sound like a singer saying that) and enjoy the rest of your Christmas break!


    • Katy
      03/01/2019 / 13:51

      Thanks Melody 🙂 x

  1. 25/12/2018 / 14:26

    Those are some really nice posts you wrote! I’d say your evergreen content was the most successful 🙂 Merry Christmas Katy! ♥

    Sora |

    • Katy
      03/01/2019 / 13:51

      Yes definitely! Thanks so much Sora! x

  2. 25/12/2018 / 21:56

    It’s always interesting to see what kinda posts do well and look back on what’s you’ve produced throughout the year. Also kudos to you for having an ad post in the top reads – those are so difficult to get any engagement on in my experience. Merry Christmas! XX

    • Katy
      03/01/2019 / 13:51

      Awh thank you! Yes, I’m so pleased with it! x

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