Getting A Great Night’s Sleep With Leesa


Something I have fortunately been blessed with, besides thick hair and the capacity to eat yaki soba like it’s going out of fashion, is the ability to fall asleep in two seconds flat. It makes Toby so angry as he has real problems sleeping but I can’t help it, as soon as my head hits the pillow I’m sparko.

Despite being able to doze off so easily, sometimes I find it hard to get a good night’s sleep. It’s one thing being able to fall asleep wherever, whenever, but it’s another to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Previously, the latter has been hard for me. And for Toby, anything related to sleeping proves a tad difficult. Whether that’s nodding off in the first place, getting comfortable, staying asleep throughout the night or resisting the urge to constantly snooze his alarm in the morning. So we make a great pair!

We’ve been doing everything we can to ensure we get a good night’s sleep and my new Leesa mattress has definitely helped!

leesa mattress


It arrived so quickly after ordering it and the whole process was just completely hassle-free. I swear it’s as easy to buy a mattress now as it is to order your food shopping! I’ll also mention here that if you’re not getting a better night’s sleep on your new mattress within 100 nights then they refund you, collect it and donate it to a charity. Now that’s pretty cool right? It makes me feel a bit better about investing money into something which you know will go to a good home if you end up returning it.

leesa mattress


Now down to the mattress itself. Bearing in mind I’ve had a spring mattress for the last 20 years of my existence, I kinda feel like I’ve lived a sheltered life in the world of mattresses. I didn’t realise how much I would love sleeping on a foam mattress and the effect it would have on Toby’s sleep especially. I think it’s mainly down to the top layer of Avena foam (check me out like I’m some kind of mattress connoisseur) which basically allows airflow through the mattress and stops you from getting sweaty and clammy because that is the last thing you want when you’re trying to have a kip! It’s soooooo comfy as well, literally like sleeping on a cloud!

One of my favourite things about the Leesa mattress is the support it gives me. It’s not like I’m an old man or anything but there have been so many times before where I’ve woken up with my back or neck in spasm and it hasn’t happened once since that Leesa box arrived at my front door. I never wake up with achey arms or shoulders anymore either which is something I used to experience quite a lot.

leesa mattress

I don’t want to sound dramatic but this mattress has genuinely transformed my sleeping routine along with a few other things. Regularly going to the gym and working out till I’m red in the face  has definitely made me more tired in the evenings and given me the ability to sleep all the way through the night without disturbance (unless Toby turns the lights on when he comes up, does anyone else’s boyfriend do that?!) Having set sleeping hours has definitely helped as well, I’ve always been an early riser and can’t seem to sleep past 7.30 in the morning so I make sure I go to bed before 10.00 in order to get a solid eight hours sleep at least.

If you’re thinking about getting your mitts on your own Leesa mattress then just go for it! You have absolutely nothing to lose and if your experience is anything like mine, it’ll be so worth it! You can even get £100 off your order using the code ‘THERAWRDROBE‘ to save yourself some pennies!


Ariadna says:

Reading this has made want to get a new mattress so badly! Also, love your bed sheets! x

Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

Katy says:

Thank you, they’re only Primark! x

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