Lunch at The Breakfast Club, Brighton


A few weeks ago, Toby and I took a trip down to Brighton to spend a day in the sunshine, play crazy golf and eat delicious food. I had meticulously planned our day there and written a list on my phone of all the places (there’s a lot of them) where I would like to eat in Brighton whether it’s for coffee and cake, pizza or full on three course dinner. On this occasion we chose to dine at The Breakfast Club and I’m so bloody happy we did!

I can’t remember where I heard about The Breakfast Club, perhaps in a vlog or Instagram post, but it seems like the ultimate blogger location. From the outside it doesn’t look like much but as soon as we stepped foot inside, we looked at each other with the ‘this is sick’ face. I even felt myself get a bit giddy with the thought of all the photo opportunities that lay ahead of me.

the breakfast club brighton

We were seated quickly as there were only a few people in there (surprising for a Friday lunch time but we weren’t complaining) and ordered drinks straightaway. Despite placing the order quickly, it took a while for the waitresses to actually bring them over which is mine and Toby’s pet hate about eating out somewhere, when you can just see your drinks sat on the side getting cold/warm but they ended up on our table in the end!

the breakfast club brighton

I could’ve spent forever reading the menu because everything on it looked so appealing. As tempting as The Breakfast Club classics section was, I couldn’t stop thinking about Mr big chicken (sounds like a love story doesn’t it) so I ordered the wrap version. I think Toby panicked last minute and ordered the full monty but I had my money on him choosing the huevos al benny which is poached eggs, peppers, chillies, avocado with fried chicken or chorizo. Doesn’t that sound amazing?! It’s making me drool thinking about it…

the breakfast club brighton

The picture above is my beloved Mr big chicken wrap which I genuinely have developed an addiction for. Who (except veggies) could possible not want a wrap filled with fried chicken, sweet potato fries, guacamole, cheese, lettuce and loads of yummy sauce? It is the best wrap/sandwich/burger thing I’ve ever eaten, not even joking. I even tweeted The Breakfast Club thanking them for introducing Mr big chicken into my life like some sort of sad foodie loser but honestly it was THAT delicious. I promise you, if you order this, you will not be disappointed! Also, the fries. Oh, the fries. I don’t know what seasoning was sprinkled on them but that tasted incredible as well. 10/10 from me!

Toby tucked into his full monty and demolished the lot so I can only assume he was happy with it! I’m not sure if it could quite compete with my brunch at Framptons but a bloody good full English is a bloody good full English at the end of the day! I do remember him saying the coffee was perfect though!

the breakfast club brighton

So to round up The Breakfast Club, I had such a delicious meal and I’d definitely go back there for more! There are a dozen items on the menu which I’d love to try and I’m sure Toby will want to branch out next time as well. I can’t say the service was the best but the food was so good, I’m not particularly fussed! One thing that did impress me was the price, £28 for two generous portions of food, two coffees and lemonade is so reasonable and I have to say, I expected it to be way more expensive considering we were in Brighton!

Have you ever tried out The Breakfast Club?


Hannah says:

I love the look of the Brighton decor – totally different from the London one! The London one is quite industrial and rough (but in a cool way!!) Your chicken wrap looks super yum and sweet potato fries are always a yes from me!

Katy says:

Ooh that sounds cool, I’ll definitely have to check the London one out! x

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