The Haircare Routine That Has Transformed My Locks

I dedicate so much time to my skincare routine that I often forget about my hair and how much I need to look after it. It’s not in bad condition or anything but it definitely doesn’t get the attention it deserves and can look a little lacklustre sometimes. So I seriously needed to introduce a haircare routine into my life and I’m so glad that I have now because my hair is looking and feeling 100 times better.

haircare routine

Percy and Reed Bountifully Bouncy Shampoo* & Conditioner*

Up until now, I was never fussed about the shampoo I used as long as it did the shop but now I feel like a complete diva and I need Percy and Reed in my life. I’ve been using their shampoo and conditioner which I was really kindly gifted for the last month or so and it’s done wonders to my hair. My hair is naturally very thick, straight and lacks volume – flat as a bloody pancake – so I asked them to send me the Bountifully Bouncy range which is aimed at people with limp hair who need to schuzz it up a bit.

My favourite thing about this combo is that I don’t get that first day of hair-wash-hair that I used to get. You know what I mean? My hair always has volume straight from the get-go which I never had before which makes life so much easier if you’ve gotta quickly blow-dry your barnet and rush off out the door. I don’t even need to put volumising spray in it until the day after I wash my hair! I also wanna quickly mention that I have a really sensitive scalp and I don’t have any problems with the shampoo apart from post hair wash, it feels like there is a lot of product left in my hair, especially after using the Wonder Balm and Volumising Spray. Also, I feel like I end up using a lot of shampoo because it doesn’t really lather up much so I’m not sure how long the bottle will last me!

haircare routine

Percy and Reed Wonder Balm*

Even though I don’t think my hair really needs it, I’ve been loving using the Wonder Balm to tame frizz and add a little shine. It only takes two secs to comb it through the ends of my hair and makes styling my hair so much more manageable which is exactly what I need because I’m so lazy when it comes to that. I’ll tell you the best thing about this balm though, IT DOESN’T MAKE YOUR HAIR GO GREASY! Yayyyy!

Percy and Reed Volumising Spray*

I genuinely don’t think I could get through life without trusty volumising spray. Because my hair is so thick and heavy, it always seems really flat from where it’s weighed down so every morning I need to inject a bit of life and volume into it. To be honest, I don’t need to use volumising spray as much as I used to, purely because of how great the shampoo and conditioner combo is but on the days that I do need to add a bit of texture and body to my hair, this is the one! At first, I thought it was making my hair greasy but I think I just wasn’t shaking it enough because I don’t have any problems with it now. It lasts most of the day although if I was going out again in the evening, I’d probably spray some more in and it also doesn’t turn my dark hair grey! The only problem I have with this is that sometimes it can feel more like hairspray and feel slightly sticky but for the sake of having a bloody good volumising spray, I can deal with that.

haircare routine

Thank the lord I have these four saving graces in my haircare routine now otherwise I’d still be sat on the limp, lifeless hair bus and nobody wants to be sat on that!

What are your favourite products in your haircare routine?

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