Easy Healthy Lifestyle Changes I’m Making

Since late last year, I’ve been making a conscious effort to improve my lifestyle slowly but surely. Now I haven’t done all these things everyday and granted, I can be a lazy sod sometimes but you can really notice the difference after making a few small changes to your lifestyle. So if you’re anything like me and seriously need to up your healthy game then here are a few easy healthy lifestyle changes you can make!

Easy Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Walk, don’t drive

I know it’s just so much easier to jump behind the wheel and whizz down to the shops but recently, I’ve made the effort to walk more. Whether it’s walking to the Post Office, my friend’s house or anywhere within a reasonable distance really. The main reason for this is down to the health benefits really as calling my lifestyle sedentary is probably the biggest understatement of the year so far! We should undergo a minimum of 30 minutes physical activity each day and I certainly don’t do anywhere near that so these short walks and bursts of energy are definitely helping me hit that target. Also, for someone as unfit as me who can genuinely get out of breath running up the stairs, a gentle stroll doesn’t knacker me out too much and if I can still breath without lifting my arms above my head, then it’s been a success!

Eat your veg first

When I get my lunch or dinner, I will make an effort to eat my veg and anything else healthy first. This way, if I get full up then at least it’s on the healthy stuff and not the fatty foods or carbs. This doesn’t really happen a lot though as I’m a pretty big eater for someone my size and not a lot of food tends to get left over! This isn’t like nutritional advice or anything but if you fill up easily then at least make sure you’re packing in the right vitamins and nutrients.

Slowly cutting down smoking

I haven’t ever really hidden from the fact that I smoke and have done since I was 15/16 much to my parent’s dismay. Since trying to improve my lifestyle, it didn’t take a genius to work out that I needed to cut down smoking or completely quit especially since my fitness is at an all time low. Instead of going cold turkey which I’ve tried before and didn’t really work (I just became a total mare), I’ve opted for the slowly cutting down method. I’ve done this by gradually eliminating points of the day in which I’d have a fag and I’ve actually cut down quite a bit over the last few months. No more quick-fag-before-I-leave-for-work or handful of smokes at lunchtime and I’ve even stopped smoking at home on my own in the evenings and weekends which is a good sign! If you’re reading this and wanting to cut down how much you smoke but don’t want to quit all at once then I really recommend trying this method!

Quit snacking

If there’s anyone who loves a snack it’s me. Especially at work, I can never say no to a biscuit or handful of cocktail sausages (yes, that actually happens) and it’s something I seriously needed to cut down on. I’ve been working on quitting snacking and whenever I feel the urge to grab a packet of crisps, instead I’ll refill my glass of water and finish that. I tend to do this quite a lot as a glass of water can actually fill you up and you’ll discover that even though you thought you were hungry, you were actually just thirsty!

Saying that… There are those times when you just wanna munch down on something so I’ve either been opting for a healthier option such as houmous and wholemeal pitta or fruit but if I’m feeling particularly naughty I’ll reach for a packet of crisps. Since being sent a handful of Ten Acre crisps and popcorn*, I’ve become OBSESSED. They’re vegan, gluten free and dairy free so they’re suitable for anyone and my God they taste amazing. I’ve also been trying out some Tigg’s dressings* which are ideal for throwing over a salad or pasta dish and bring it to life a bit more as I often find salad can be a bit bland sometimes.

Drinking even more water

If there’s anything I’m good at when it comes to being healthy, it’s drinking water. I’m an actual pro! I think it helps that pretty much the only two things I drink are water or beer and as much as I’d love to, I can’t drink Kronenburg tops at work (lol if my manager’s reading this). Also, my brother drinks all the squash at home so even if I fancy a big glass of summer fruits, the likelihood is that he’s drunk it all. I do try and drink more and more water every week though and recently, I’ve been starting my day with a pint of water before I leave the house which generally means I’m busting for a wee by the time I get to work but also it just wakes me up a bit! If you struggle with drinking water then try investing in a bottle to encourage you to drink it more or add some squash to it if you don’t like the taste (that’s as long as you don’t have a sibling who drinks it all)!

I feel so much better for making these easy healthy lifestyle changes so now I just need to get my arse in gear and start working out properly and improving my diet! If you have any tips or can point me in the direction of some handy blog posts then I would hugely appreciate it! You can just tweet them to me @therawrdrobe!

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