The Cure To Dry Skin With Konjac Sponges

Autumn is without a doubt my favourite time of the year. Like many others, I adore burning candles whilst being tucked up into a blanket on the sofa with a hot chocolate, tartan scarf round my neck, with leather studded boots and an oversized wool coat on and a berry lip.. Is that autumnal enough? Haha.

On a serious note, even though I love the colder weather, it means my dry skin gets even drier than it already is. To tackle this problem, I’ve been using a Konjac sponge religiously in the bath or shower and it’s working an absolute treat!

konjac sponges


I’ve used similar products to this sponge before but none of the brands have had the same approach to skincare as The Konjac Sponge Company do. As well as being made by hand, they are also completely natural and cruelty-free which is something I think a lot of people sought after these days.

So what actually is Konjac? It’s a plant found in Asia which is 97% water, rich in minerals and often eaten due to its low calorie count. The Konjac used in the sponges is completely free from chemicals, colouring, additives and irritants as well as 100% biodegradable so as well as being kind to your skin, it’s kind to the environment too!

The sponge itself is hard when dry and as you soak it in water, it softens so you can use it gently on your skin. I’ve got the French red clay sponge which is perfect for anyone with dry or mature skin as the key ingredient is high in iron oxide, which is known to stimulate blood circulation and restore moisture. This is exactly what I need for the colder months as my skin gets dry really easily, especially my legs. However, if you have oilier skin you can opt for the French green clay sponge or the pink clay for those of you with sensitive skin.

konjac sponges

One of my favourite things about konjac sponges is that it’s suitable if you have skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis or rosacea. As someone who has had eczema for my whole life, I can tell you know it’s hard to find a sponge/exfoliator that doesn’t irritate it even more!

The difference in my skin after using this for a few weeks has been really noticeable. It feels so much softer and I don’t have to worry about flaky shins anymore – hallelujah! I can already see my Mum eyeing it up so I’m even going to buy her one for her stocking at Christmas! They also have a range of other products including face sponges, gentlemen’s shaving sponges and tattoo sponges – all of which I have complete faith in!

Have you ever tried Konjac sponges before or anything similar?

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