Beauty Rituals For When You’re Hungover


In all honesty, I don’t really get drunk anymore but a few months ago when I was feeling slightly worse for wear with a bit of a sore head I thought of writing this post. Being hungover is one of the absolute worst feelings, especially when you don’t often drink that much. I’ll probably have friends reading this saying ‘but Katy you’re always at the pub drinking pints’ and yes, I know but rarely do I ever actually get drunk/smashed/sloshed/trollied/whatever you like to call it.

beauty rituals for when you're hungover

One way to pick you up when you feel like utter shite is to up your beauty game on those hungover days. I feel like it just makes you feel a bit more like a human and will do your skin wonders!

Remove last night’s dregs of makeup

We’ve all had those nights where we crawl into bed fully clothed with a face full of makeup and I don’t blame you. No judgement going on here! So if removing your makeup wasn’t your last priority of the night, make sure you take off the remnants in the morning with your favourite micellar water.

The best thing about using micellar water is #1 you can be lazy and #2 it doesn’t smell too overpowering or sickly. And I for one do not want to be suffocated by the strong smell of tea tree oil!

Minty shower

I don’t know why but a minty shower gel has some kind of magical power which wakes you up in no way an alarm clock could. It’s known to make your brain and body more alert which is exactly what you need on those hungover days where you feel like you can’t even get out of bed.

Cleanse and scrub

This is normally what sorts my skin right out. Of course I reach for my beloved Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish which makes my skin feel so soft and freshened up after a late night of drinking! Follow up your cleanse with a good old scrub with your favourite exfoliator, mine’s the Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator. This will energize the skin a bit and remove the rest of the dry, dead skin cells, making you look a bit more alive than you’re probably feeling!

Bubble bath

If you don’t have a bath when you’re hungover then you must be in a really bad way! There’s no better way to end the day (if you’re not in the unfortunate position of having to go out that is) than a deep, hot, relaxing bubble bath. There are benefits too as the warm water draws out those horrible toxins which you consumed the night before. It sounds disgusting but once you’ve sweat them out, there will be less alcohol in your system.

After these four steps you should be feeling much more rejuvenated and that horrible hangover should fade away soon!

What are your favourite beauty rituals for when you’re hungover?


Eloise says:

Oh I'm so with you on a hungover bath, I was feeling horrendous last week and a bath sorted me out : ) xx

Katy Stephenson says:

It's the best thing! I swear I never have a bath unless I'm hungover haha x

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