Bringing Christmas To Your Home

Christmas is just around the corner and it really is the most wonderful time of the year. All my presents are bought and (nearly) wrapped, Christmas cards are in the post and my party outfits are sorted. There’s only one more thing I need to take care of and that’s Christmas-fying my bedroom!

I’ve already got my cosy Primark bedding on which only cost a tenner and I love it but I’m planning on going all out cosy this year so a duvet cover isn’t enough. Amongst the other shops I’ve turned to for fairy lights and decorations, Esprit is one I know I can rely on with their high quality and reasonable prices.

One of my favourite things on their website has to be these Esprit cushions which would be perfect for any time of the year! The silver will fit in so well with the colour scheme in my room and they’ll make a great blogging background for photos! And what’s a cosy bedroom without a blanket? I don’t know if this Esprit blanket is intentionally Christmassy but with the red and the stars, it just works really well! Finally, the cosiest dressing gown known to man, the Esprit luxe dressing gown. My Mum actually has this dressing gown and she always looks like she’s having a day at the spa when she wears it! Definite 10/10 for the cosy factor!

I’d love to know what your favourite shops are for cosy Christmas homeware so please leave them below!


    • Katy Stephenson
      17/12/2016 / 00:21

      Doesn't it look so festive? x

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