What I Actually Wear When It’s Cold

Let’s cut the bullshit. No one actually steps outside in the middle of winter dressed head to toe in thin jumpers, leather trousers, a silky scarf and some form of trench coat. Well it just doesn’t happen in Kent anyway.


You’ll often find me tucked tightly into my trusted Barbour jacket with a thick scarf and any combination of vest tops, long sleeve t-shirts, jumpers or sweatshirts. Forget the bare legs, it’s too cold for that! I tend to stick with jeans or thick tights – maybe even both when the temperature drops again! Of course no winter look would be complete without a beanie! I picked this one up in Monki as I just couldn’t bear the cold in Amsterdam and for some weird reason I actually quite like it? I’m sure it’s the kind of hat that in a couple of years I’ll think why the F did I wear that! My tootsies are kept warm with some thick socks (usually Christmas themed) and either a pair of converse or my beloved Deena & Ozzy biker boots. I might not be the most stylish person in the world but I tell you something, I’m cosy af.

What are your favourite clothes to snuggle into as the temperature drops?


  1. Caterina Petrucci
    13/11/2016 / 15:10

    i usually start layering with tons and tons of knits and jumpers<3 I'm always cold 😀

    xx from italy
    Cate ღ kate/idoscope.com

    • Katy Stephenson
      17/12/2016 / 00:21

      That's always the way! x

  2. 13/11/2016 / 20:22

    Love this post! I'm always in my converse and grey duffel when it's freezing outside! xx

    • Katy Stephenson
      17/12/2016 / 00:22

      Gotta stay cosy! x

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