Should You Take Collagen Supplements For Your Skin?

The sun is shining, you’re lounging around in the garden with your friends, just wearing a casual pair of shorts and a t-shirt and the last thing you want to be wearing is make up. I know that I hate wearing a ton of make up on a hot day when it’s all going to be falling down your face within an hour of putting it on. So how do you go about clearing your skin so you can feel confident not to wear as much?

Supplements is a possible solution to this problem. They provide buckets full of nutrients which can hugely benefit your skin. The Naticol® ProDerma, available at Hellenia, contains collagen, which is essential to retain the moisture, firmness, smoothness and elasticity of your skin. The addition of vitamin C also helps with collagen production as well as being beneficial for its antioxidant properties.

So why is it important to take supplements? With protein and nutrient levels naturally declining as you get older, it’s vital that you keep these levels topped up through the means of your diet. There are so many different types of supplements out there which can help eliminate wrinkles and fine lines, strengthen your nails or even make your hair more shiny. We can’t always gain what we need for our skin through our diet and I’m the first to admit that I don’t always eat the healthiest but by taking supplements it can replenish your body.

I don’t think many people realise how much supplements can help with the look and feel of the skin but after doing a bit of research, it’s really swayed my mind on the whole should you take supplements question.

So what are your opinions? Do you take any supplements and how do they benefit your skin?


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