Too Faced Blusher Dupe?


Too Faced is just one of those brands that I’ve always wanted to buy from. Is it the kitsch packaging or the amazing reviews? I just don’t know. Unfortunately I haven’t quite got the bank balance yet to be spending £25 on a blusher so instead I headed to the high street to find something similar.

I came across Makeup Revolution’s I Heart Makeup collection and as you can imagine their Blushing Hearts Blushers caught my eye. I’ve heard wonders about them and like everyone says, they really are a great dupe for the Too Faced ones for only £4.99!

At first glance they’re pretty much identical and the range of shades are decent. The heart shaped packaging is identical to Too Faced’s just without the pretty floral print.

Inside there’s three shades, all baked, which consist of a bright pink, dusky pink/coral and more peachy/coral shade in the Candy Queen of Hearts shade. The colours are so pretty and I’m loving them for summer – I’ve even started using it more than my beloved Stila blusher!

The pigmented formula is soft and easy to blend and the fine shimmer doesn’t make you look too similar to a mermaid. Subtle enough for a blusher but you could still work it in and use it as a highlighter perhaps if you have a slightly darker skin tone.

This is definitely a winner for me and I no longer feel the urge to try out the Too Faced Blushers. Praise the Lord for Makeup Revolution!

Repurchase? Yes.

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