Current Favourite: Super Facialist by Una Brennan Purifying Clay Mask

After falling in love with the Super Facialist Skin Recovery Day Cream which I’ve already written about on The Rawrdrobe, I’ve been on a mission to find another product of theirs which I would love just as much. I’ve had quite a few fellow beauty bloggers recommend their purifying clay mask and after reading positive reviews, I snapped it up as soon as I could at a reduced price in Boots. God knows why the whole range is reduced because I can tell you for a fact, Super Facialist is my new favourite skincare brand hands down!


This mask claims to clear your skin of dirt, excessive oils and toxins which lead to breakouts. The salicylic acid is expected to help unclog congested skin whilst the avocado oil, something I have never heard of before, helps the skin to rebalance itself to reveal a ‘clearer, refreshed looking complexion’.

I’ve been putting this to the test for the past few weeks and what a difference it has made to my blemish prone skin! The application of this product is pretty simple, just rub it on your face! It’s quite a thick formula yet I ended up using so much just to cover my little face which is a shame because I imagine it won’t last very long. It feels really cool and refreshing on the skin which is something I definitely look for in a face mask and it smelt fresh but not too overpowering. It also dried super quickly which is very convenient for someone like me who gets impatient and fidgety!

Now here’s the part where I’m not too keen on it. I’m used to face masks feeling tight on your skin when they dry, that’s just normal. This however, felt like my face had had a gallon of botox injected into it. It was uncomfortably tight but as soon as I started taking it off after 5 minutes, it was fine. Here’s another tricky part. It genuinely took me about 10 minutes to scrub this off my face the first time I used it. I thought I was going to have to walk around looking like Shrek for the rest of my life because it was so time and energy consuming to remove it. It’s definitely useful if you have a muslin cloth at hand!

Despite the time it takes to scrub this off your skin, the result is so worth it. My skin has never felt so soft. I kept making Toby touch my nose and cheeks just so someone else could appreciate how silky soft my face was. It had a positive effect on my blemishes too in the long term. Of course it broke me out a little the next day but that’s just what face masks do but since then my skin has really cleared up thanks to this!

Have you ever tried the Super Facialist Purifying Clay Mask? What others do you recommend? I would love to try out some more!

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