The Cure to Kinky Hair with Irresistible Me Diamond Straighteners

irresistible me straightenersirresistible me straighteners


Since going for the chop a few months ago, I’ve found myself in desperate need of a decent pair of hair straighteners way too many times. My hair is so God damn thick and has been poker straight all of my life until now. It just goes kinky, not even wavy, just kinky and looks like I’ve slept with wet hair in a pony tail and I don’t know about you but that whole ring around the hair look just isn’t my style! So when a little email popped into my inbox from Irresistible Me asking whether I would be interested in reviewing their award winning hair straighteners, I jumped at the chance, naturally.

The first thing I noticed when receiving the straighteners was how well it was presented in the sleek box so it feels like a luxurious product before you’ve even taken it out! The straighteners themselves feel good quality and not like they’re going to snap which you get with some these days and it’s really lightweight too which makes them perfect for travelling. One of the first things I noticed was the 360 cord which is literally what I live for, it makes life so much easier!

Now onto how it works. It heats up so quickly and you can see the temperature on the display which is really handy. However, one of my favourite things is the automatic turn off which happens after 30 minutes and I think this is an absolute life saver, literally. The irons run through your hair so effortlessly, with no dragging or pulling of random hairs but I have found one problem. If I turn up the heat a tad too high, I run the risk of leaving those awful lines in my hair which are a bit of a struggle to straighten back out but I haven’t found anyone else who seems to have that problem so it’s probably just a Katy thing!

The results? Beautifully straight hair which doesn’t feel damaged and looks super shiny and healthy! I really couldn’t ask for anything more. After straightening my hair three days ago, it’s still poker straight and I’ve received so many compliments!

My only complaint is that if you live in the UK then you’ll have to get an adaptor which is annoying but most definitely worth it! You can pop into your local electrical shop and pick one up for around £5!

I honestly couldn’t recommend these straighteners enough and after being on the hunt for a trusting pair for so long, I’m glad I’ve come across these! So there you have it, the cure to kinky hair! I’m still after a good heat protecting spray and texturising spray though so if you have any suggestions then please leave them below!


  1. Dominica Sygula
    20/05/2016 / 08:42

    I love your hair cut and lenght, this products seems ovely, my hair straightener leaves my hair looking burnt and really unhealthy.. 🙁 Lovely post, thank you for sharing this with us. Hope to see you on my blog !! Have a lovely week. xXx

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