Seven Things To Do When You’ve Got No Wifi


This is something we all dread, that fatal moment when the little dinosaur makes an appearance on your chrome page. It’s gut-wrenching really isn’t it? The thought that you can’t catch up with the latest episode of Made in Chelsea or even buy that jumper you were checking out on ASOS earlier. It really does bring a tear to my eye. But here I am, sat here typing this post on Word because unfortunately my wifi’s had a meltdown, and I’m going to introduce you to a few things you can do when you’ve got no wifi.

Write a to-do list

Having time away from a computer can really clear your head and can make you realise what shit you gotta do! This is the best time for me to write my lists whether that’s work I’ve got to do or food I need to buy on my next trip to Co-Op!

Read a book

I’ve really been getting into reading recently, not anything that requires too much attention but just the odd flick through here and there. Having time away from my laptop means I can focus my attention on something else without being distracted by LLYMLRS’ latest Instagram or Victoria’s LFW video. It’s quite refreshing and so nice to avert my eyes from a screen.

Spring clean

This is literally my favourite thing to do when the wifi’s down. I’m talking hoovering, dusting, emptying the dishwasher, cleaning the windows, washing.. all of it! And then that’s all done and dusted! Cracking pun there may I add.

Go for a walk

I’ve never ever been one to enjoy walking and ever since I was young my Mum’s always told me that I can never expect to own a dog if I don’t walk it. But Mother my dear times have changed! Going on a walk and exploring can be the most calming thing, unless you get attacked by a swan or something but besides that it just gives you a chance to get a breath of fresh air and either think about everything or just not think of anything at all.

Spend time with family

I’m surprised that Mum and Dad haven’t purposely cut the internet off before just so we would neglect our laptops and phones for a few moments to spend time with them. It sounds awful but I’ve only recently discovered how much I appreciate time with my family since being away from them. So next time you lose wifi, don’t start panicking and trying to recover it, just spend some time with the family or friends and have a good old laugh!

Clear out your wardrobe

I know this is fairly similar to spring cleaning but I mean properly clear out your wardrobe, not just rearranging it! Fill up bin bags with clothes, bags and shoes which you want to give away and you’ll feel much better. It also gives you an excuse to write a list of what you need in your wardrobe and hit the shops!

Get creative

With no videos of cats playing the piano to distract you, now’s the time to get creative with your blog photos and experiment a little. I’ve used the last couple of hours to play around with my set up and background as well as trying out new writing styles.


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