The NARSissist Palette



Disclaimer: I’m not actually lucky enough to own this gorgeous palette so a big thank you to my friend Kitty who’s lent it to me for the sake of this post.




The NARSissist Palette features 3 compact blushers, a highlighter, a bronzing powder and a lip gloss. Perfect to take on a night out for those little touch ups. Everything comes in this beautiful looking box which is such a convenient size to fit in your bag and my favourite thing, inside the lid is a mirror!


The first layer comprises of three blushers: Enrapture, Enthralled and Roman Holiday. All of which are pigmented but also blend beautifully to create a really natural look. Enthralled is the only shimmery shade (the others are matte) which has really fine specks of glitter running through it. The only disappointing thing about the blushers is that they are all limited edition *cry*.


The lipgloss in the shade Istria initially looks like a bright pink Barbie colour but once swatched it’s almost translucent with a bit of shimmer running through it. It’s also very glossy, too glossy for me as I never tend to stray far from matte shades but just bear that in mind.


The second layer contains a highlighter and bronzer. I’ve never seen the Albatross highlighter in the flesh before and I wasn’t expecting it to be that white. It looks gorgeous on the skin and adds a really subtle highlight to the cheek bones. Then we’ve got our classic Laguna bronzing powder. I’m personally not really a fan of this as it’s a tad too dark for me but it’s a notorious product nonetheless.


So here’s a run down of the shades:

Enrapture – Pink terracotta

Enthralled – Toasted Rose with shimmer

Roman Holiday – Pastel with a hint of pink

Istria – Pink glacé

Albatross – Luminous glow

Laguna – Diffused brown with golden shimmer


I really love this palette, can’t say I’d really use it much in the winter but for spring/summer I think it’s definitely a good shout!







Have you tried the NARSissist palette before or any other of NARS’ products?


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