A Disappointment from Real Techniques

Oh man this is such a disappointment! I’ve had this brush for months and months but for some reason only just decided to share my opinion on it. I’ve always been a huge fan of Sam and Nic and their brushes but their Real Techniques Triangle Foundation Brush just doesn’t reach the same standard.

real techniques triangle foundation brushreal techniques triangle foundation brush


I initially bought it as I was intrigued by the unique design and as I previously mentioned, I’m a big fan of their brushes, especially the flat contour brush but I was bitterly disappointed. The bristles feel very synthetic, almost like plastic and nowhere near as soft as the other brushes in the collection. The brush also doesn’t apply product very well so I find it hard to work with and quite time consuming to put on my foundation! I also found that it doesn’t blend seamlessly as it claims so I’m afraid it’s a thumbs down from me!

I genuinely love the rest of the Bold Metals Collection from Real Techniques but I just can’t recommend spending £22 on a brush like this which will end up at the back of the makeup drawer!

Repurchase? No.

You can click here to see my review of the Flat Contour Brush which I love!


  1. 10/01/2016 / 18:39

    Thank you for sharing your opinion on this – I've seen really great reviews so it is always good to hear the negatives, too. I don't think this is a brush I will be buying – I'm happy with my beauty blender and real technique buffing brush for my foundation application!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    • Katy Stephenson
      12/01/2016 / 14:07

      yeah definitely stick with the buffing brush for now! x

  2. Ema Nistor
    10/01/2016 / 20:10

    I bought the "Expert Face Brush" twice and both of them had a short life (about 2-3 months). I really like how it applies my foundations but the bristles keep falling and after few washes they feel really thin and in the end with no bristles at all. 🙁
    Still, I will repurchase it as I love how it applies the foundation but I am disappointed with the quality of it.

    • Katy Stephenson
      12/01/2016 / 14:08

      ah no that's not good! i've been through a few expert face brushes but they've always lasted quite a long time so that's a shame that you didn't experience that! x

  3. 11/01/2016 / 00:40

    Oh no what a massive shame! I think their bold metals range is stupidly over priced and this brush is the perfect example 🙁 I'm sorry you were let down xx

    missmakeupmagpie.com xx

    • Katy Stephenson
      12/01/2016 / 14:15

      i know! i love the flat contour brush but this was massively disappointing! x

  4. Emma Theaker
    13/01/2016 / 18:42

    Shocked about this review. Thanks for the heads up, I've been wanting to try some bold metals bits. I'll steer clear of this one!

    Emma xx emmatheakerx.blogspot.co.uk

    • Katy Stephenson
      16/01/2016 / 11:05

      yeah i'm afraid i'm not a fan, the other brushes in the collection are lovely though! x

  5. 14/01/2016 / 13:52

    I'm so glad someone else feels this way, I love the other two I own but really can't get on with this one at all, the blush brush and contour brush are good but I don't know why they would even release this one xx

    • Katy Stephenson
      16/01/2016 / 11:06

      the tapered blush brush is the next on my list so i'm glad it's better than this one! x

  6. Beckie
    16/01/2016 / 14:06

    Thanks for sharing this, I love Real Techniques brushes and have had the starter kit for ages but will stay clear of this particular one!


    • Katy Stephenson
      17/01/2016 / 11:19

      it's definitely worth exploring some more of their brushes, try out the expert face brush! x

  7. 22/01/2016 / 15:15

    Bought this brush a couple of month ago and totally agree with you! This brush is not as soft as I imagined!

    • Katy Stephenson
      28/01/2016 / 09:25

      such a disappointment isn't it? 🙁 x

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