The Importance of Getting Your Hair Cut

Importance of Getting Your Hair CutImportance of Getting Your Hair CutImportance of Getting Your Hair Cut

I’ve never liked getting my haircut, ever. I can remember when I was a lot younger, having to get my fringe trimmed was like getting my whole head chopped off. I’ve recently had a load chopped off and I feel so much better for it. My hair looks so much healthier and suits me a hell of a lot more! If you’re a bit like me and dread getting your locks chopped then read on to learn the importance of getting your hair cut!

It’s a complete myth that ‘getting your haircut makes it grow quicker’ but it does help it to grow healthier but unfortunately it won’t make it grow faster! I’ve also learnt that split ends rise up your hair if you don’t get it trimmed. So as well as restraining the growth of your hair, they also make it brittle and weak. Not to mention making your hair look dull, dry and dead, split ends are also impossible to get rid of using hair treatments so head straight to the salon!

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