Topshop Contour Cream in ‘Sweep’



This is the first makeup item I’ve tried from Topshop despite hearing such good reviews about various pieces of their collection. I picked this contour cream up a few weeks ago and I have to admit, it’s never going to be a holy grail product of mine but I still think it’s great.


The contour cream is available in two shades; ‘Sweep’ which is a medium brown matte shade and ‘Swerve’ which is a darker, cool toned matte shade. I kinda wish I had bought ‘Swerve’ as despite looking a lot darker, the cool tones make it easier to work with as ‘Sweep’ sometimes looks quite orange on my skin.


It really takes no time at all to apply the product and the finish looks a lot more natural than a powder contour. The creaminess makes it so easy to blend and fortunately it doesn’t set straight away which means you have a bit of time to work with it. I tend to warm up the cream with my finger by swirling it around in the pan and then apply it to the hollows of my cheeks with my finger. I find this applies so much easier to the face when using my finger rather than a brush so I tend to just stick with that method. I then whack out my Real Techniques Contour Brush or Buffing Brush and blend the cream into my skin which leaves a really natural looking contour.


So why won’t this be a holy grail product for me? Even though it only takes a tiny bit longer than applying my contour with a powder, I’m just too lazy and it’s as simple as that. I’ll be using this for times when I want to sit down and properly do my makeup but on a day to day basis I just don’t think it’s for me.




    • Katy Stephenson
      24/03/2015 / 19:46

      it's so beaut!

  1. Antonia
    24/03/2015 / 11:33

    I really like Topshop makeup – I find it to be really good quality! This sounds lovely and i'm tempted to give it a try. I'm exactly like you though, i'm too lazy when applying my makeup to spend a long time on it except for special occasions.

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

    • Katy Stephenson
      24/03/2015 / 19:53

      i definitely need to invest in some more topshop makeup! x

    • Katy Stephenson
      24/03/2015 / 19:53

      if you've got the time to work with it it's great!

  2. 24/03/2015 / 20:10

    I definitely want to look into some cream contours to try rather than my usual powder as they definitely look more natural, I'm going to bare this one in mind for the days I want to spend a little longer on my face as I love topshop make up. Thank you for the lovely review ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Katy Stephenson
      25/03/2015 / 22:02

      yeah you could definitely give it a try for those days when you feel like spending some more time on your makeup:) x

  3. Hanna Grace
    24/03/2015 / 21:58

    How much was this? I'm tempted to purchase and a go, I love cream contouring underneath my foundation! x

    • Katy Stephenson
      25/03/2015 / 21:53

      it was ยฃ9 so not really bank breaking! x

    • Katy Stephenson
      25/03/2015 / 22:01

      i'm saving up for the contouring one as well! x

  4. 25/03/2015 / 17:23

    It's a shame you weren't that wild about it – I may still give it a go though as I think cream would look more natural than powder but I've never found a cream formula that stays on my skin! xx

    Magpie Jasmine

    • Katy Stephenson
      25/03/2015 / 21:57

      well this is pretty longlasting so you may as well give it a try! x

  5. Emily Hannah
    26/03/2015 / 20:52

    This looks really nice shade but sounds like some effort to actually use it. The brush is gorgeous though x
    han // emandhan xo

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