How To Stay Motivated With Your Blog

It’s totally normal for your motivation to blog to drop at some point. It’s happened to me over the last few weeks and tonnes of times before. Yes, it’s shitty but when you’re doing something religiously like a job, it’s not surprising that sometimes you just can’t be arsed.


I think every blogger reaches that point where they just don’t know what to post or whether they even want to keep blogging. I definitely have. Last year I lost all my motivation to blog but luckily I found posts like this one which kept me going. So hopefully if you’re reading this because you’re feeling a bit down with your blog, this can pick you up a bit!


Take a break.

If you’re not feel motivated enough to write good quality blog posts then all you need to do is take a break. You’d be surprised what ideas pop into your head when you’re ‘switched off’ and for me, they seem to be the most popular posts on my blog.


Keep a notepad nearby.

I always keep a notepad (or failing that, my phone) on me to jot down random ideas that spring into my mind when I’m out and about. The worst thing is coming up with an awesome idea and then letting it disappear because you forgot to write it down!


Don’t overdo it.

Just remember that readers will rather read one exciting and well put-together post rather than three or four average posts. It’s worth only posting once or twice a week if it means your content can be more creative and interesting to read.


Photo diaries.

If you’re not feeling motivated enough to write but you still enjoy taking photos then why not use these to create a photo diary on your blog? Not everyone follows blogs for the writing so a more photographic blog can still receive plenty of positive feedback, and it’s a more laid back way of doing what you love!


Do what you love.

It’s so easy these days to tell whether someone is passionate about what they’re writing about.

Blogging will seem like less of a chore when you’re blogging about what you love. It will also mean you’ve a million more ideas in your head which you feel more passionately about!


  1. Alysha Paulsen
    01/02/2015 / 11:35

    I think this is a great post because there are days when I am no way motivated but I have people at my school who beg me to write blog posts because they love them so much which is a huge compliment but this post as made me re-evaluate my blog and I am going to post things which I am proud of and not for the sake of writing a blog.

    • Katy Stephenson
      02/02/2015 / 15:49

      exactly, post things which you enjoy writing about! ♡

  2. 01/02/2015 / 11:35

    These are really good tips 🙂
    I have lost motivation in the past (three times) because I thought my blog wasn't good enough. Every time I'd delete every post but not anymore!
    I have pretty much done these things in the past, would have been nice to have something like this to read when I had lost motivation
    Great blog, followed you 🙂

    • Alysha Paulsen
      01/02/2015 / 12:36

      I know what you mean I was deleting posts as well and I felt like no one was looking at my blog because it wasn't good enough. I'm glad I am not the only one who felt this way

    • Katy Stephenson
      02/02/2015 / 15:50

      i did exactly the same, deleting posts because there weren't many comments when in hindsight i wish i'd kept them as they were some of my favourite blog posts! keep going girls ♡

    • Katy Stephenson
      02/02/2015 / 15:52

      it saves so much effort! thank you ♡

  3. rebekah maryx
    01/02/2015 / 19:54

    always keep a notepad handy beside my bed and in my bag totally agree!

  4. Coco Cami
    01/02/2015 / 20:39

    Lovely post, motivation is so important. I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin. If you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo

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