Wow what a year 2014 has been. I’ve turned eighteen, finished my a-levels, had the best summer ever and almost learnt how to drive (finally).

After most my school life this year being consumed by graphics coursework I was pleased to finally finish exams and see the last of school. Summer kicked off with my leavers ball and a trip to Venice with Toby which is most definitely my highlight of the year. Soon after I took a trip down to Mevagissey with some friends and then flew over to Turkey for a family holiday. So I can safely say that including my trip to Paris in March, I’ve done a fair bit of travelling this year. I’m hoping to explore more of the world in 2015 including Amsterdam, Iceland, more of Italy and maybe even Oz!

Since starting my ‘gap life’ I can’t say I’ve done a huge deal but it’s been alright so far! I completed my first internship in October and since then have been for a few more interviews and also been working full time at a pub up my road – living the life I know. However I’m gonna get back into gear for 2015 and get bang smack on those internships again!

I know I haven’t been the best blogger this year and the truth is, I experienced ‘the dip’. I’m not going to explain myself but I’ve just had a very busy year and unfortunately blogging had to come last! However 2015 is going to be the best year for The Rawrdrobe I can assure you. My head is chock-full of ideas and I’m hoping to step up the photography on my blog as well so fingers crossed all goes to plan.


  1. Kerri A
    01/01/2015 / 19:28

    I hope everything goes to plan for you & never explain yourself we all need a time out every now & again. I hope everything goes well with your internship I have my fingers crossed for you 🙂


  2. 01/01/2015 / 19:58

    Wow! You've been to so many places in 2014! I hope to do quite a bit of traveling this year too.
    I'm definitely feeling 'the dip' too, I'm trying to make more of an effort with my blog now though. It's tough though! Good luck with your photography. 🙂


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