Turkey Photo Diary Part 2

A few more snaps from Turkey including a couple of gems from a boat trip we took around the coast of Belek. Although we were promised to see loads and loads of turtles we ended up seeing about two or three which kept reappearing but that was good enough for us uncultured Brits! Unfortunately I was preoccupied with jumping off the top of the boat so there’s no snaps of the turtles! There is however a picture of me driving the boat which was sweet, even got to wear the captains hat!


  1. Caitriona Tighe
    20/09/2014 / 18:52

    Awh wow Turkey looks amazing , Id love to go someday ! x
    Ohh my god you got to jump of the top of the boat ? aghhhhh that sounds like so much fun x

    Caitriona Tighe

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