My Trip to Mevagissey



As you may know by my Instagram, I’ve just spent the last week in Mevagissey which is a little fishing village in Cornwall full of pubs, seagulls and fishermen. As you can tell from the photos, there are probably more boats than people but I think I quite like that. We spent most of the week eating ice cream (honeycomb of course) and attempting to crab although we only caught five fish. And yes, I mean fish not crabs. We also bought knock off penny boards so in a few months time I’ll be a pro (or maybe not). Mine is the blue and yellow one in the middle and surprisingly I’ve picked it up pretty quickly and had no injuries yet! Touch wood. On our last day we also went on a flowrider machine which was one of the funniest things I’ve ever done and I definitely recommend it if you’re near one! If you wanna see anything else I got up to then just check my instagram (@therawrdrobe).


georgina davies says:

wow this looks wonderful I thought it had to be cornwall as soon as i saw the pics it reminded me of a place I went when i was a kid called Looe xxxx

Grace Brown says:

I went to Mevagissy in October, theres some lovely little shops there! xx

Emma Everleigh says:

Looks lovely! Must add it to places to visit. xxx
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Sophie Paul says:

Looks lovely:)

Sophie Jones says:

I love these pictures! xx

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