In Love With Italy


It’s taken me a few attempts to write this post as I keep finding myself describing everything as ‘amazing’ so I’ll try and restrain from that this time round.


At the end of June, myself and Toby jetted off to Venice Airport to then travel to Lido di Jesolo for a week of sun. As soon as we touched down, the heat hit me like a concrete block and it’s fair to say I struggled with it throughout the week. If I can’t deal with 26°C in Italy then I have no clue what I’ll be like in Turkey later in summer. However, the heat meant sun and then sun meant tan which I’m definitely not complaining about!


We spent most our days exploring the resort, swimming in the sea and lounging around the pool on the most uncomfortable sunbeds with the exception of a day in Venice and a trip midweek to Aqualandia. Venice was just simply stunning albeit very tiring and expensive. I mean come on, €3.80 for a can of fanta – that’s appalling. But despite the expense, we had a such a lovely day in Venice and the weather was good to us apart from a drop of rain at the end.


Being the big kids that we are, we headed off to Aqualandia where we spent most of the day getting stuck on the crazy river rapids. Before going, I was adamant that I would tackle Spacemaker, the highest slide in the world. I even had a €10 bet going with Toby that I wouldn’t bottle it.. But I did. Having previously gone on Scary Falls which is only 4m smaller than Spacemaker and still implements a 60° slope but in the dark, it’s safe to say I almost s*** myself. I knew then that Spacemaker just wasn’t the ride for me.


Our evenings generally consisted of eating a mountain of food for dinner (their portions are ridiculous) and then heading off to our favourite cocktail bar, Hotel Milton Romantik. If you’ve seen my instagram (@therawrdrobe) then you’ll know that I was very partial to the odd Malibu Beach and Toby enjoyed his lattes there.


Honestly, it’s just unexplainable how amazing our week was and I can’t say a big enough thank you to Toby for absolutely spoiling me for my 18th!


  1. Megan Ruth
    08/07/2014 / 17:24

    Italy seems to be the place to go this summer; I've seen so many bloggers raving about it it's making me so jealous! Sounds like you had a lovely time.

    Megan // Lazy Thoughts

    • Katy Stephenson
      18/07/2014 / 11:48

      it definitely is! x

  2. Ellen UnderWater
    08/07/2014 / 19:29

    It looks like you had such an amazing time! You're so lucky! I am going to Florence in a few weeks and I can't wait xx

    • Katy Stephenson
      18/07/2014 / 11:49

      ooh i'm so jealous! xx

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