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Hello to The Rawrdrobe readers! Katy asked me if I wanted to write a post for her blog that was fashion related. As it’s summer, I thought ‘what do I wear a lot in the summer months?’, my summer staple, if you will. I instantly thought ‘white’ as I’m usually dressed from head to toe in it at this time of year, quite the opposite to how I dress in the winter. More specifically though, a white tee! So simple, but there are so many options!

I personally like to pick up my white tee’s from Primark, mostly from the men’s section as I like the high neck and baggy fit. I normally go for a large as I can still tuck it in if I feel there is too much excess material. They’re cheap and good quality, but if they get holes in or I spill something down them it’s not the end of the world – I can just pick up some more! You can also buy a simple white crop top or make one yourself as it’s so cheap. Experiment!

This is so classic. Boyfriend Jeans and a classic black leather belt paired with a baggy white tshirt. If you want to grab a lower neck for your white tee, head to the women’s section of tee’s as they aim to flatter you more. Personally, I’ll just chuck on any old thing! 

This is what I’m wearing right now. I picked up these cute shorts from Bershka yesterday with a really cute edging which are perfect for my holidays next week, or I wore them to the beach today! I paired them with a large Primark tee, rolled up the sleeves and tucked it in so that you could actually see the shorts but the top wasn’t too tight. My jelly shoes topped it off nicely especially for the beach as it meant I could go paddling in the freezing cold sea. I can’t believe there were people swimming in it…

Hope you enjoyed my post! Let me know if you have a summer staple!

Go check out Hannah’s blog please please please – she deserves so many more followers and her writing style is so quirky and she is amazing (big love girl).


  1. 18/07/2014 / 09:50

    Love those shorts! Berska always have some lovely pieces! xx

    • Katy Stephenson
      18/07/2014 / 11:41

      and they're so affordable! x

    • Hannah Gibbins
      22/07/2014 / 18:56

      thanks! they also come in a darker colour and i might have to get my hands on those!

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