Eating for Summer

I’m not the biggest nutritionist in the blogosphere but after flicking through a new book, I’m starting to understand the effect of what we eat on our body. It’s important to vary your diet as the seasons change and I find this most crucial in summer. I’m starting this little series to give you an insight to what our favourite summer foods do to our bodies!


I’m not the biggest fan of apricots but they’re the perfect type of food to eat in summer when the sun shows an appearance. They contain phytochemicals which naturally occur in fruit and help block UV damage from the sun. The potassium it contains also helps you to re-hydrate yourself and balances out the pH level in your body.


I’m sure you can work out that cucumber are a very watery type of food so they’re perfect for hydration but the silicon in them also essential for healthy skin. As well as tasting yummy and being the best part of a salad, they prevent water retention so you tend not to bloat after eating them.


The most important nutrient in tomatoes is something called lycopene which once again helps your body to defend itself against UV damage. So tomatoes and suncream should go together hand in hand when you’re in the sun.


As well as being the best part of a fruit salad, watermelon is 92% water so you can only imagine how hydrating it is. Antioxidants found in watermelons are known to increase the UV defense properties in your skin which will also protect you from the sun. It’s also a natural diuretic which means there’s a low chance of bloating after you’ve eaten it – so a perfect snack for the beach or pool!

I really hope you found this helpful, I think it’s so interesting to understand where all our nutrients come from and what they actually to do our bodies apart from ‘keep us healthy’ so definitely tune in again next time!


  1. Debra Bros
    16/07/2014 / 04:03

    Don't forget about the oh so wonderful vitamin C which helps out with collagen production keeping skin looking fresher and more supple for longer 🙂

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

    • Katy Stephenson
      18/07/2014 / 11:48

      of course you can't forget that haha x

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