I’m Back!

School? Done. Exams? Done. I am finally finished with education and despite the picture, I am actually quite happy. So now it’s time to get the old blog up and running again with plenty more outfit posts and rambles as per usual. I’m just gonna kick things off with a short update but don’t worry, it’s just easy reading for now.

I hit the big 18 in may so I’m finally an adult which means more nights out and more outfits for you! I was so lucky this year, Mum and Dad bought me a Canon 100D so finally I can get some real good quality photos on here, a new Links bracelet and other bits and bobs. I was also totally surprised when Toby’s birthday present to me was a trip to Italy! I told you I was a lucky girl. My girlfriends chipped in to buy me a Michael Kors purse and of course, no eighteenth is complete without a couple of bottles of champagne! If you’d like to see a ‘what I got for my birthday’ post then lemme know!

I’ve recently cleared out my room (instead of revising) so I’ve set myself up a depop account which is @therawrdrobe so go check me out on there! After I’ve gone to the effort to photograph all the clothes on me I’ll be putting up quite a few items so definitely keep an eye out for them as a lot of them have never been worn – typical me!

I think I’m gonna leave it there for now as I don’t wanna bog you down too much with reading but I’ll be back on Friday with a review of my new go-to product!

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