As you may know, I’m not a well traveled individual and I’m probably the least cultured person you’ll ever meet. So when one of my friends invited me to Paris with her for the weekend for her birthday I couldn’t turn it down. I’d never been before and was eager to see the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower whilst eating crêpes and doing something else french.

We decided to drive there so at 7.30 on Friday we started our road trip, nice and early. I think we arrived at our hotel, which was situated a thirty second walk from the Eiffel Tower, at around 5 maybe. It would’ve been earlier but we missed our euro tunnel slot as myself and Pip were taking advantage of the free chips Burger King were dishing out.

After grabbing a bite to eat at the most overpriced restaurant I’ve ever stepped in, we headed towards the Tour D’Eiffel. It was here where we made the biggest mistake. Rather than queuing for ten or fifteen minutes and getting the lift to the top we decided to brave the stairs. BAD IDEA. For four smokers I’d say we did quite well but there’s no way I’m doing it again. The view was rewarding to say the least and maybe slightly sickening as well for those scared of heights. So my top tip for going up the Eiffel Tower? Don’t walk it.

The next day we had a mooch around Paris where we picked up some novelty lighters, nutella crêpes and extortionate friendship bracelets, and just to top it off Pip almost got mugged as well. The joys of Paris eh? Later in the day we headed to the Champs-Élysées for a spot of shopping (although I had about 12 euros left at this point). I was almost tempted in Sephora to dip into my overdraft but I stayed strong.

The next day we just about had enough time to shove some breakfast down our throat and then it was time for the long drive back to sunny England. So just a short weekend but it’s made me wanna go back so badly and properly explore!

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Paris is so beautiful!

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