‘Hedonist’ by Models Own

‘Hedonist’ by Models Own

This is one of my oldest Models Own polishes, I got it last year for my birthday and this was one of my go-to summer neon shades. It’s a bright pinky orangey neon shade which to be fair isn’t exactly ideal for winter but I love it anyway. It’s a part of the Hedkandi collection which is predominantly party themed to put it simply so this shade really reminds me of clubbing in the summer and going on holiday. I find it quite a matte shade, but I prefer it this way since I’m not a massive fan of glossy nails. I’d also say that this is one of the fastest drying Models Own polishes that I have, no need for my trusty Elegant Touch Nail Spray (review here). It’s also really easy to apply, which I’m surprised about considering I’ve had it for almost a year and it’s not gloopy or anything. This is definitely one of my favourite Models Own polishes and I’d definitely suggest checking it out for summer 2014!

Repurchase? Yes.

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