Reebok Nylon Slims


Reebok Nylon Slims

I’m one of those people where I see something I like, and then I go and buy it in the lariest colour. That’s just what I did with these shoes. They were in the sale for £20 on the site and I just couldn’t resist them. I don’t know why they were in the sale because they’re so amazing.

It’s quite a narrow styled shoe so I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone with wider feet as they may be a bit uncomfortable but for me, they fit alright. I find them quite roomy around the toe but it’s not really that noticeable when I’m walking or whatever. Apart from that I think they’re really comfy, Reebok classic trainers are so comfortable you cannot believe.

I guess I can’t say much about the price since they were in the sale but I’d definitely buy another (less lary) pair even if they weren’t in the sale. Shame that I don’t have any money isn’t it? But they’re really really really cheap and only around £34 off the website which is a bit of a steal to be quite frank because they’re just so worth the money. However, the colour selection on this particular style isn’t huge but there’s loads more options with similar styles on the website.

Repurchase? Yes.


Ellen UnderWater says:

Eyecatching colour! I'd love to see how you style them 🙂

Kassie Barker Jones says:

love these shoes, so out there! I have been looking for some cute and different trainers for what seems like forever and these are perfect, i need some similar! Followed you on bloglovin' lovely! Would love for you to check out my blog too!

Kassie –

jessica rose says:

I love them…….people's eyes will be glued to your feet! 😉

Seima Rahman says:

They are gorgeous… I might just purchase some!

Seima x – Check out my blog and follow for the latest trends.

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