A bit of a different post today, something that everyone can get involved in! The other day I was contacted by Ellie over at Little Vintage Camera, asking me if I’d like to get involved with the British Blogger Selection. It’s basically a thing where bloggers are given a theme each week and they write a blog post on it, whether their blog is about fashion or beauty or lifestyle or whatever! It’s a great idea for people who really want to get into blogging but can never think of the right kinda posts to do! All you have to do to get involved is contact Ellie ( with your first and last names, blog name and blog URL so it’s pretty simple really!

To find out more info then click here to go straight to the #BritishBloggerSelection page where you can download a badge for your blog!




Anita Pun says:

that's really cool! Looking forward to your posts xx

Anita @ AllThingsAnita

Andrea says:

Ellie contacted me about this too 🙂 I'm definitely up for giving this a try and will be sure to keep an eye on your posts too!
Keep in touch 🙂
Andrea xxx

Libby says:

Ellie emailed me about this too! its such a lovely idea, i can't wait to get started 🙂 xx

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