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I haven’t done a Topshop wishlist in so long. And I’ve found myself adding a lot into my bag despite the small matter that I can’t actually afford any of it recently so I thought I’d share a few of my favourites with you. First is this pH reacting lip balm which changes to the perfect pinky colour on yours lips, or so I’ve heard. It’s a pretty steep £9 but I’m willing to spend that to try it! Second is this amazing jumpsuit, which is under £40 – pretty good for Topshop I’d say? This bikini seems perfect for summer, it’s probably a bit late by now but I still love it and the lime/white colour would bring out a tan! I’ve been after some nude platform/heels for ages and I know these are £60 but I really like the wood combo.. No. 5, probably the item most likely for me to buy, they remind me of furry Timberlands and will be perfect for AW. I really like the colour of this knit, with a pair of dark jeans, the boots and a casj beanie, I can see it being an AW essential! Last but not least this bronzer/blusher, it looks so pretty and I haven’t tried out any Topshop face products yet so I’d love to give it a go! So what are you loving at the moment?


Kat A. says:

This is a lovely wishlist, adore the jumper!

Sarah Nunn says:

Those shoes are gorgeous! Such a pretty colour.
I'm always adding stuff to my virtual Topshop basket, even though I don't have the money for any of it! Haha

Hollie Ryan says:

Love those boots!

I really want that jumpsuit too – it's fab!


Emma says:

That jumper looks like it's out of the TV show 'The Killing', so I love it!

Hmm maybe…

Bethany Mae says:

Love the boots, perfect for A/W!


Rachel. says:

I really love the jumpsuit and the jumper looks so cosy! xo

Katie says:

I really want to try that bronzer/blusher! Looks interesting…
That jumper is sooo nice too!


Alice Snell says:

I tagged you in the I ♥ drugstore makeup tag..I'd love if you could do it!
Alice xxx

Heidi Wright says:

That jumper is so adorable! 🙂

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