My Thoughts: eBay Blush Palette

eBay Palette

Before I say anything else, I will just say for now that you need to buy this palette. 10 amazing colours for less than £5, I’m not kidding. Okay, they’re not the most long lasting colours ever but they’re pretty damn pigmented for the very cheap price! There are so many pretty colours in this palette (my favourites being numbers 1 and 5) including subtle shimmers and really shimmery ones. They don’t break me out either, I’ve been using them for a while and I haven’t noticed any change in my skin which you wouldn’t expect for the price! Most of the lighter shades can double up as highlighters as well, which I tend to use them for, the shades I’d recommend for highlighting are numbers 2, 6 and 10. Overall I’d say these are a must have purchase and for under a fiver you really can’t go wrong!

Repurchase? Yes.


Apparently this palette contains lead, arsenic, mercury and other really bad ingredients which are pretty harmful so it may not be a good idea to buy these, I still like it nonetheless!


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