My Thoughts: Bourjois Waterproof Volume Mascara


I got this a while a go for my birthday in a little Bourjois goody bag thing along with an eyeshadow, nail varnish and lip gloss (review coming soon). I only started using this a few weeks ago but I love it already. It’s not clumpy at all, and comes out really nicely and evenly on the brush. It works wonders on my lashes, it creates so much volume and makes me look like I’ve got so many lashes! As for the waterproof-ness, it’s just as amazing as the volumizing! Stays put for ages but eventually after a while it starts to run and smudge but to be honest, I’m happy just to use this as a normal mascara! But at the same time it’s a nightmare to take off! It’s around £8 but worth every penny, I promise you!



Repurchase? Yes.



Lucy Farrington says:

I really love how waterproof mascaras look on the eyes because they hold curls so well – but getting them off is a complete nightmare and I always end up taking out so many lashes >.< I wish there was an easier way to remove it, because the results are fantastic!

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Rui Jun Luong says:

Cute post.

Loves. RJ

Kim says:

I have not bought a Bourjois mascara for a looong time! I dont remember them being hard to get off though 🙂

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