My Thoughts: Bourjois 3D Effect Lip Gloss

Bourjois 3D Effect Lip Gloss

If you’ve read my Bourjois Waterproof Mascara review then you’ll know I also received this lip gloss in my Bourjois goody bag. It’s around £7, so kind of a mid-range price for drugstore lip products. The first and best thing I will say about this product is that it smells amazing, like it smells like heaven. I wanna say it smells coconutty but I can’t quite put my finger on the exact smell. It also seems like a really thick formula as it makes a kinda squishy squelchy noise when you take the brush out, it’s such a satisfying noise. The small brush makes it really easy to apply, and not too much comes out with each application so it lasts for ages. It has a really glossy finish and looks nice on it’s own but would also look great over a lipstick. In the tube, the gloss itself looks really shimmery but on the lips it’s not that noticeable but makes your lips really shiny! There are so many colours to choose from which can see you from summer right through to winter (mine’s in 49 – Rose Pacific).

Repurchase? Yes.

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