What’s In My Bag?

I’ve only just realised that I’ve never done this before, so here we go, what’s in my bag? So the bag I’m using most at the moment is my neon clutch (with gold chain) from Deena & Ozzy at Urban Outfitters which is surprisingly roomy despite being quite small.

So of course I’ve got my phone and purse in here which are kinda the essentials to this tag. My iPhone case is from eBay, as is my little tribal coin purse thing. My card holder is from the Topshop sale like years ago and you may be wondering why I don’t just have a purse to throw it all in well.. I do have a Ted Baker bubblegum pink purse but as you can imagine, it doesn’t actually fit in this very flat bag!

It’s actually sunny at the moment so I’m carrying my Raybans around. I don’t tend to carry make up around with me so I’ve just got whatever concealer I use that day and a nail file in case I get bored and decide to whack it out! Also for smelly things, I just have a Ted Baker mini sample thing.

I’d like to say I’m extremely organised. But I’m not. That’s why I carry this bad boy around with me, my little notebook/diary/filofax thing where I jot down any random inspiration or things to do or whatever! And earphones of course for catching the bus or work or whenever I feel like playing some Two Door Cinema Club or Imagine Dragons.

I literally have like chronic hayfever so I always carry tissues wherever I go and then there’s paracetamol just to be on the safe side of any situation. I’ll be completely honest, I didn’t actually realise I had hairbands in here, or my mirror but I guess they’re handy eh?

So what do you always have in your bag?


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