Where To Find Dungarees?


We’re all loving dungarees right? But where are the best places to get them from? All the dungarees included in this post are just the bog standard mid-light denim wash ones, but if you like I’ll do another post on some more whacky ones!

1. Topshop

Classic Topshop. I have a pair from here as you probably know and I can’t wait to wear them in the summer but I do find the proportions on them quite odd, does anyone else think this? I reckon there are definitely some cheaper alternatives.

2. Missguided

I love the denim used and they look like they should fit really well!

3. New Look

These look more of a tighter fit than the Topshop ones but for over £10 less I think they’re still worth it.

4. eBay

I’m not suggesting you buy this exact pair but you can get such good deals on eBay if you just stay patient!

5. Rokit/Vintage Shops

The best dungarees you’re ever gonna find will be the old ones, don’t forget to check out charity/thrift shops, carboot sales and vintage shops like Rokit!

6. Boohoo

I really like these dungarees, especially the leather panel across the front and they’re a fraction of the price of the Topshop ones!

So there you go, a few places to get some cheaper dungarees! Hope you found this helpful!


I V Y says:

dungarees are SO GOOD!!!
these are all so cute!


Sophie-Pearl says:

I love them sooo much !!! I've seen some in Brick Lane etc but not anything that I love yet 🙂

I love dungarees at the moment!! I just want it to be hot enough to wear mine!

I love those ones from boohoo!


Jessica says:

I really need to get my hands on a pair of these, I just love how you can style them with pretty much anything.

Oh wow these are all SO cute!!!!! xx
Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

Terri says:

Hi, great post love 🙂 Love dungarees!

Please check out my blog?

Courtney Melville says:

What a great selection of dungarees, loving the Boohoo ones! x

Caroline Rosalie says:

you just made looking for dungarees that much easier! awesome 🙂

natasha says:

i've been wanting a pair of dungarees for ages! the missguided and boohoo ones look lovely 🙂

Gabrielle Flood says:

I want a pair so much! Thanks for posting this.

Alma says:

I love that overalls are making a comeback! They were my staple piece in my wardrobe back in the 90s lol when I was in elementary school!

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